Rafael Almeida vient de poster un poème sur debian-devel:

A ``patch'' rule for debian/rules there should always be
for I'd like to easily apply patches created by me
Don't worry I don't think of anything too hard
a simple standarization will ease my heart

Today ``debian/rules build'' is always a good match
but there's no mandatory ``debian/rules patch''
Is the ``build'' rule mandatory? I don't even know
it seems to work for most packages, though

Patches, it seems, are for ``configure'' rule to apply
but I want to make a script and I think it won't fly
That script I think of will install my own patches
to any installable package, from zopes to apaches

Configures can change too much
like config.h files and such
There should be one and only patch rule
and then I'll be able to build my tool

So geek!